i just suck

dude something is off with me. i used to be so motivated and strict with my diet, but it seems like all that went out the window.

i got to 5pm on the fat fast yesterday and i really didnt want to be hungry again until 9pm when i came home from class, so i made a low carb pizza. that didn’t throw the fat fast completely off, but when i came home from school i made 2 more pizzas, just because. i went a few hundred over calories and my fat intake was 72%.

it scares me because i feel like i’m slipping back into my old ways of mindless overeating. i don’t think i’m eating enough to gain, but still i want to lose those stubborn 8 pounds. this bullshit certainly isn’t the way to do it. i just need to get myself in check and i can’t justify the overeating just because i’m still keeping it keto.

idk i don’t think i’m in the right state of mind to do a fat fast. i’m gonna do a modified one for right now. it might not give me instant results, but it’s gonna be a lot more manageable and sustainable. same 1,350 calories, aim for 75-80% fat. i’m gonna shoot to do this for a week, but i’m not gonna be too upset if i fuck up a day.

aw wow thank you. this is awesome to hear :). i was so scared to start too. i didn’t think i would be able to do w1d1 because i walked 3.5 miles one day and my muscles ached for days. i felt like i needed some base strength but some people on here were very encouraging and told me to just try it and that i would be able to do it. i bought the app and never looked back. at first it was a little challenging, but only until now, week 4, had i failed a day. i had to adjust my pace and now i’m doing fine. it’s crazy how much progress you make. my advice is to really just jog slowly. try an 11:00+/mile pace to start with. speed will come with time and practice. just try it! you can do it!!


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You’re great running inspiration for me :) I was going to try start C25k back in… June? But got scared out of it because I can’t even run 250m without struggling. How much could you jog at the start?

because i binged out earlier, i decided that i was gonna have to go run. i did w4d2 and it was harder than the day before yesterday. i didnt have much energy to run a fair bit again like i did on w4d1, but i completed it and did a little additional running. i got further around the park than i did last time, and i’m pretty sure my pace was a bit faster regardless of what my wonky gps tells me.

i wanted to give up on the last 5 minute jog, but i held strong. for that, i’m pretty proud of myself. this program is awesome. i really cannot believe how much progress i am making because i was so depressed a few months ago, i rarely left my house unless i truly had to, and was totally sedentary and completely out of shape.

i’m not so sure i’m going to be able to complete w5, because i am still struggling with w4. i’ll definitely try, but i won’t hesitate to repeat w4 again if necessary.


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i suck at fat fasts

i had the biggest craving for meat that i just couldn’t resist. it’s weird because i NEVER got cravings for meat before keto. i kinda binged and ate 2 big burritos i made on low carb tortillas. i’m not gonna eat anything else besides a mug cake with some PB and whipped cream later. i’ll be alright. i’m totally stuffed.

meh im just sad. i’ve had so much less self control these past couple of weeks. i think it’s just because i am so fucking sick of not losing weight when i am trying so hard. it’s hard not to lose motivation when nothing is happening for you.

tomorrow i will complete a day of fat fasting! i will and can do it. if i can just make it through a couple of days and hopefully get some decent results, my motivation would most definitely be restored.


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since jury duty ended, it’s time for the fat fast. i have no plans for the next 3 days besides going to class, so i’ll be pretty sedentary and i should have no reason to be very hungry.

i’m hoping this is the boost i need to finally break the plateau. i’m aiming for around 1,100 calories and at least 85% fat.

if anyone has any good recipes or foods for fat fasts lemme know.




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farm ho?

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