i’ve really been trying to get more fitbit steps so i’ve been walking around in circles around my coffee table when i have some time.

i’ve been decent with calories. i’ve been around 1,500ish for the past couple of days, but i’ve also been more active than i usually am. i’m at a good deficit according to my fitbit.

i feel confident enough to weigh myself tomorrow for the first time in what seems like forever. i’m guessing i’m gonna still be around 139, but i would be very happy if i went back down to 138. i’m gonna leave keto for the first time ever from august 8-august 18th because i’m gonna be travelling internationally. i’m still going to be very mindful of what i am eating and my hunger and opt for healthier options. i’m definitely gonna return to keto when i come back though so don’t worry!


1955 Ford Fairlane Victoria


i’m sorry

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Woodstock, 1969

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Led Zeppelin

got a new dress :)

it gives me a nice hourglass shape which is awesome.

im trying to do a 1,200 calorie day with 75% fat to make up for all the horrible overeating days. i only have like a week and a half before i take some time off from keto, so i gotta really try with no slacking off. i go away to costa rica for a week on the 10th, so it’s gonna be pretty hard to stay in ketosis. i’ll allow myself some time off. i’m gonna go off keto on friday, so i have a few days to adjust to carb life.

i just realized some shit or: why i’m probably stalling

i was looking at my fitbit calorie log, which is linked to MFP, on my phone, and i just realized i haven’t been hitting my goal calories since i got the damn thing. it does tell you, if you did enough exercise, how many calories you burned today and it re-ups your calorie goal to make up for the deficit.

i guess i’d been following that a little too much, because my calories haven’t been even close to the 1,350 goal. a lot of them are like 1,400-1,500 calorie days, and more recently like 1,600-1,800 calorie days. i can’t even front there because even then i’d known i’d been eating way too much, and i’ve even blogged about it.

i saw an article a few weeks ago on /r/fatlogic titled something like “my fitbit is making me fat!” and i cackled at that, but it honestly holds some truth. i set my calorie goal based on my TDEE and it was pretty much telling me to eat back some of it. it’s not fitbit’s fault. i look for reasons to go over my limit, and my fitbit gave me one. i didn’t realize because most of time i ate within the re-calculated limit or slightly over it. 

dead ass from now on, strict 1,350 calorie diet and 1,500 for c25k days. i feel like i’m past the bingeing phase i was going through these past couple of weeks and i’m feeling motivated now that i think i’ve identified a real issue.