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almost down to a 27” waist

im at 27.25 right now :D

im sorry but i cant stop looking at my stomach in the mirror sometimes. its shrunk so much and it’s nearly flat. this is unchartered territory for me as i’ve been chunky my entire life.

i’m just feeling good about my body :DD

idk why the photo came out so bad, but woooooooo!


i never thought i’d see the day when i left 137-138, but here it is! :-)

i guess that 2 week carb vacation did me some good. sometimes your body just needs a reboot i guess.

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Yohji Yamamoto, Beauty





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i want to thank everyone

thank you guys for all liking and replying to my post <3. it honestly means a lot to me that you guys care about my return to keto.

i’ve been successful so far and i’m down 2 low carb and low calorie days. i’m surprised at how easy it’s been. i never got much of a keto flu to begin with when i first started keto. i need some new recipes or some new groceries or something! i’m already kinda bored with my diet.

okay so these 2 photos are REALLY crappy, but this is probably me at my highest weight. its from a little over a year ago (around july 2013). i was pushing 160 and at the high 150’s on the left. the one of the right is from about a month ago. i’m around 138 there. i’m 5’5” btw.

i figured i might as well post them since all my progress posts have before pics from like late april/early may of this year. i found the photos on my iphone when i was scrolling through my camera roll. i didn’t even realize i had them. good god though. i know it’s only 20 pounds, but i feel soo much better about myself and i know i look it too.