im sorry but

the fault in our stars is the most pretentious, pseudo-intellectual/philosophical shit i’ve ever read and i’m by no means surprised that tumblr loves it.

back from vacation

and im at 141.4 :/

thats not too horrible after doing keto for nearly 4 months. it has to be all water weight because i was super active the entire time and didn’t eat a ridiculous amount. my legs, ankles, and feet are super fucking swollen and i just overall feel crappy.

i’ll give it a couple days in ketosis to weigh myself again.



werk it

vintage kim pics are the best

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so im on vacation right now - first cheat meal

my flight got into miami soo late. every food place was closed so i got a vending machine”dinner” from the dingy little days inn im staying at for the night. it was a jumbo honey bun and some potato chips.

dude it wasnt even worth it. the honey bun and chips were not nearly as good as i remembered. i couldve ate a ton of crap like that before keto, but it was just OK.

i’m at 114 net carbs o_O. my stomach kinda hurts. eating carbs again after like 4 months feels weird.


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Oh my lord

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